Two First Days of School!

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the kids are back in school. Hanna and Evan both had first days of school in their households last week-- Hanna's son, Oliver, had his first day of college, and Evan's daughter, Gwen, had her first day of kindergarten!
Here's what Hanna had to say about Oliver's first day of college!

"One down- two to go!
The update in the Vazquez family is Oliver is now a freshman at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.  The emotions at home before he left were mixed. We were all excited the drive him to college to start this new chapter but sad that he wasn't going to be here anymore. The move-in went well, but it was a 100-degree day. The dorms have no AC, so the little fan we had bought did little to cool the room on the 5th floor! We slept without AC that night, too, and the dog was at a dog sitter wondering what was going on. That night the 5 of us were lying awake unable to sleep, reflecting on the day's events.

Oliver has been there for 2 weeks, and thankfully the weather has cooled off, so he is more comfortable in the dorm. His 3 roommates are all fun, and it seems like they have become friends. The cafeteria food is not as good as Mom and Dad's cooking, but he's not losing any weight yet. Oliver says homesick feeling comes and goes but is getting better.  The dinner table still feels empty as we set the table to 4 and not 5, but the grocery bill will be less!  Good Luck, Oliver. See you at Thanksgiving."

Here's what Evan had to say about Gwen's first day of kindergarten!

"Last week marked another milestone in my daughter, Gwen's life. She had been very nervous leading up to her first day of kindergarten but ended up having an amazing day. I am so proud of her and can't wait to see all the things that she learns in her new school."
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